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While this is not a new idea in fact CL has their own “Best of” page here, I could not help myself in curating my own “best of” ads hopefully taking some weight and responsibility off of the CL staff.

Also, in a goodwill effort, potentially this site will take the strain off of ad posters who get unsolicited email from people with comments on their ads. I seriously wanted to send this poster a comment about his ad. In particular I wanted to inquire about the Home Depot shopping cart in the background, wondering if maybe he’d throw that one in with the old disgusting toilet with the shag carpet cover.

This site goes well beyond CL. There are plenty of classified services out there, garage sales and side of the road free stuff that is worthy of sharing. In no way is this website affiliated with CL or any other classified website.

OK, the real reason…

This website is also a case study on What you can do with WordPress in 6 hours.