Free Vintage Blue Swivel Chair – Great for Sharting!

Traci shared this one with me last night! We were in stitches.

Here is the text of the ad:

Friend was drunk and sharted all over it. Unfortunately, since sharts are quiet, I had no idea what he was up to while sitting on the seat the entire night. Luckily he had a clean diet (no Arby’s, Taco Bell, etc). Better than most sharts.

I tried cleaning it but underestimated the power of shart juice. Some say that the only way to cover up shart juice is to use your own shart juice. That or you could just embrace the shartiness of the chair and use it as a shart chair. Unsure about if your fart is going to be a wet one? Just sit on this chair and let it rip without worry.

You could probably resell this on ebay for a lot. A shart chair just sold for over $200 recently, I think.

Link to ad (before it expires):